Tuesday, 6 October 2015

That's the site crane successfully installed

Sorry to those caught up in the traffic as our site crane was delivered this morning. Its now in place on the site and will be put to work very soon.
The crane came in parts and was assembled in Broad Road car park (thanks Swanage Town Council) and the boatpark.
 and then tracked on to the site.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Large crane arriving on site tomorrow

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused tomorrow morning. A large crawler crane, similar to the one shown in the picture below is being delivered to the lifeboat station site.

At the moment it looks like the lorries will be arriving between 5am and 6am with the crane coming through Swanage with its police escort around 9am.

The boatpark slipway will also be closed to allow the crane to be built and moved to site.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Happy Birthday to us! 140 years old today.

 This week signals a momentous occasion for Swanage RNLI, as the station celebrates its 140th anniversary. While celebrating the station’s rich heritage, it’s a poignant time to look to the future as plans move further forward for the arrival of Swanage’s new Shannon class lifeboat next year.

Swanage lifeboat station was established in 1875 at the request of the local residents as a result of the wreck of the brig Wild Wave on 23 January 1875. This sparked an urgent need for a dedicated lifeboat service on this stretch of coastline and as a result Swanage lifeboat was established on 16 September 1875. The station has had numerous lifeboats in its time and is currently home to a Mersey class lifeboat Robert Charles Brown, and a D class inshore lifeboat Phyl and Jack.

In 140 years, Swanage lifeboats have launched 2,472 times, carried out 1871 rescues and saved 752 lives.

Next year the station is due to receive a new state-of-the-art Shannon class lifeboat to replace its current Mersey class. The lifeboat is to be named George Thomas Lacy, following a generous legacy left by Mr George Lacy for use by the RNLI on the Dorset coast.

Due to the size of the Shannon class, building work is currently underway for a new lifeboat station and slipway for the lifeboat to launch from. The new station will provide much improved facilities for the volunteer crew including a crew changing and shower room, a fully-equipped crew training room, mechanics workshop, office space and a boathouse for both lifeboats.

Lifeboat Operations Manager for Swanage, Neil Hardy, who has committed 25 years of his life to the station, says:

‘There has been a huge amount of work ongoing on site, and the building is now finally starting to take shape as the above ground structure becomes more visible. Most of the work already undertaken has been underground to stabilize the area in order to provide solid foundations for the new station and slipway, as well as enhancing the supporting wall at the rear of the site that adjoins residential gardens.

‘Stone reclaimed from the old boathouse is being laid for the lower part of what will be the external wall of Angling Club. Reinforcing mesh has been laid in preparation for the floor of the inshore lifeboat hall.
‘My ancestors helped lay the first bricks for the Swanage RNLI boathouse 140 years ago, so you could say I’ve inherited it. To see the new station begin to evolve is fantastic, and I feel proud to be a part of such an historic occasion.’

Friday, 4 September 2015

Boathouse build progress update

Its been some time since we last posted some photos. A lot has been going on at the site but most of it has been under the ground and virtually impossible to photograph. The building is now starting to take shape and is emerging from the ground.
Stone reclaimed from the old boathouse being laid for the lower part of the Angling Club external wall.
The reinforcing mesh ready in place for the floor of the ILB boat hall to be poured next week.
The view across the ILB boat hall towards the changing room.
This area will become a shower & 2 toilets in time.
This is the hallway leading from the changing room to the ALB boat hall.
This is the front entrance. The wooden area will be the bottom of the stairs, the square concrete area is the lift shaft.
 Looking back across the changing room towards the ILB boat hall.
 The concrete pad for the ALB winch and the new steps to the top road behind.
 Looking down the ALB boat hall over the winch base.
Looking down over the site. The hole by the yellow digger is for the pumps for the wash down water. The water tanks will be between there and the winch base in a separate pit.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Progress update

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but there hasn't really been much to see and post about. A lot of work has been going on in the ground getting things to the correct level, sorting out drainage, underpinning walls and generally preparing the site. However things are now starting to be built.

This will eventually become the sea wall outside the front doors of the lifeboat station.
This is the area where the boathouse used to be. The ground level still needs to be reduced a little before the new floor slab is cast.
This is the area that was behind the boathouse. A lot of work has been done here (and still some to do) stabilising the walls so that the footings for the new boathouse can be dug.
This is the view down where the steps used to be to the back of the boathouse. They've been removed and will be replaced in due course. Ducts have been laid underneath ready for water pipes, electricity cables etc. The wall on the right hand-side will be renewed as it was in poor condition.
Look out for more updates as more things start to come out of the ground.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Our Chairman & our LOM are on Radio Solent (103.8 FM) in the morning

A little while ago our Chairman, Peter Foster and our LOM, Neil Hardy recorded a radio interview with BBC Radio Solent. The interview is about all the work going on at the station and some of the stories behind the fundraising and the legacies that helped to pay for it. It will be broadcast at around 07:50am tomorrow, Tuesday 7th April on 103.8 FM so tune in and have a listen.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Goodbye to our old winch

Earlier this week our old ALB winch was collected by its new owner, a fisherman from Hastings. The RNLI took the decision some time ago not to reuse it in the new boathouse to save space and save on ongoing maintenance costs over the next 50 years. The new owner has bought it to pull his fishing boat up the beach at Hastings and we hope it works as well for him as it has for us.
With the winch and its engine now offsite the builders are able to start breaking up the concrete slab of the boathouse floor and start work on the footings for the new building.