Sunday, 22 November 2015

Boathouse update - another wet few weeks

Another wet few weeks but the builders have been getting on with things.
Most of the effort has been concentrated on getting the floor of the ALB boathall poured. This means bringing the block work up to above ground level.
Then creating shuttering around the pits in the floor for the washdown water tanks and pumps and the slipway piers.
Unfortunately its virtually impossible to get a photo of the floor as its covered over to protect it.

The Angling Club roof has come on a bit and the crew room floor has been fitted.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Boathouse update - A wet week but still good progress

The weather hasn't helped the builders this week. They were hoping to pour some concrete on Friday morning but that hasn't been possible. Despite the rain they have been busy though.
The roof of the Angling Club is starting to take shape.
The ILB boathall has its ceiling joists and the steel beam to lift the boat to drain any water out of it.
This is the doorway from the ILB shed to the changing room with the ALB boathall beyond that.
This is the changing room which now has ceiling joists and steel beams to take the weight of the wall above. The floor isn't finished yet there's still the insulation and the underfloor heating to go in.
This is the view from part way up the stairs looking towards the Angling Club. There's still another storey to go on here.
The stairs to the first floor are now in place
and the steps at the rear of the boathouse are structurally finished.

Hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder next week so they can start on the ALB boathall floor.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Landmark occasion as future Swanage Lifeboat goes afloat for the first time

The future Shannon class Swanage Lifeboat has just completed its structural build at Berthon in Lymington and has undergone its first basic commissioning trials.
Station Mechanic, Dave Turnbull, went to see the boat on the momentous day that the George Thomas Lacy entered the water for the first time. Dave said “It was amazing to be one of the first people aboard our future lifeboat, she looks fantastic and we cannot wait for her to arrive on station”.
The future Swanage Lifeboat was carefully weighed before being lowered in to the water for the first time. She then underwent some commissioning trials including stability checks and starting the engines for the first time.
Over the coming weeks a series of further commissioning trials will be completed before the future Swanage lifeboat is ready to be handed over to enter the RNLI fleet, around the end of 2015.
Once accepted by the RNLI the 'George Thomas Lacy' will commence a succession of sea trials to test every aspect of the boats capability. The Swanage crew will be undergoing training on the new lifeboat early next year, ready for the lifeboat coming on service in the Spring of 2016.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Boathouse update - More slipway work done with the spring tides

BAM Nuttall have been taking advantage of the spring tides this week and getting on with more of the ALB slipway. There are now 3 piers in place and hopefully they'll have the base of the 4th positioned by the end of today.
 The bottom segment is very carefully positioned to be level and at the right height.
 Once in place the base is filled with concrete. The other units are then stacked on top.
The whole thing will be filled with concrete eventually but there's steelwork to support the slipway to be added first.
This is the hole for the 4th pier which hopefully will be in position by the end of today.
 The brick layers have been busy building up the outer skin on the Angling Club.
 The steel for the Angling Club roof is in place
The joists above the ILB boathall have been fitted, hopefully next week the ones above the changing room will go in too.
 The rear steps are just about finished but there's still the Eastern wall to rebuild.
The inside of the ALB boathall is coming on too, hopefully the floor slab will be cast in a few weeks.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Boathouse update - the slipway has started

Lots of things have been happening since the crane arrived on site.
 The first of the precast concrete slipway piers has been lowered into position. Each one weighs over 5 tons!
 These will stack up to form pier 2, the top of pier 1 is just in shot bottom left.
 The block work is up to first floor for most of the building.
 The pit for the water tanks for boat washdown and slipway lubrication has been cast.
This is the view looking back towards the changing room and the ILB boathall. The angling club is taking shape on the far right.
These precast steps will take the crew and visitors up to the first floor eventually. They were one of the first jobs for the crane.

Expect more progress next week!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

That's the site crane successfully installed

Sorry to those caught up in the traffic as our site crane was delivered this morning. Its now in place on the site and will be put to work very soon.
The crane came in parts and was assembled in Broad Road car park (thanks Swanage Town Council) and the boatpark.
 and then tracked on to the site.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Large crane arriving on site tomorrow

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused tomorrow morning. A large crawler crane, similar to the one shown in the picture below is being delivered to the lifeboat station site.

At the moment it looks like the lorries will be arriving between 5am and 6am with the crane coming through Swanage with its police escort around 9am.

The boatpark slipway will also be closed to allow the crane to be built and moved to site.