Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ILB launch on 01/01/13 at 11:13

The first shout of 2013 was not long in coming. Portland Coastguard requested the launch of the Swanage's D-Class Inshore Lifeboat to go the aid of a black and white springer spaniel that had run over the cliff at Old Harry Rocks. A passing fishing vessel reported that the dog was swimming in shallow water but they couldn't reach it. Swanage's volunteer crew pagers were activated and the lifeboat launched 7 minutes later. Once on scene two crew were put into the water to try and locate the dog. The dog was soon found safe and well on a ledge just out of the water. The crew recovered the dog and took her to South Beach, Studland and handed her over to the owners who by this time had been taken there by the volunteers from Swanage Coastguard. With the situation resolved the lifeboat returned to Swanage to be washed down and made ready for the next service.

Crew: G. Steeden (Helm), Mt Steeden, D. Tomes
Launch time: 11:13
Recovery time: 11:55
Weather: W2, part cloudy, slight sea