Thursday, 19 February 2015

That's the slipway gone

The big spring tides this week meant that the demolition team were able to remove the last bits of the slipway. All that's left now is what's called the 'toe' of the slipway. The 'toe' is a 15m long wedge of concrete that takes the slipway down to the seabed. It's hoped that with a bit of work this can be reused as the concrete it's made of was new in 1992 unlike the concrete in the rest of the slipway which goes back to the 1920s. When the old concrete was broken up it was found to contain a lot of beach stone and no reinforcing, it certainly wasn't up to the job of supporting the new slipway. The steel has been loaded into a lorry and taken away for recycling. The concrete will remain on site for now to be used as a path to move the big machinery around.

Work will continue with demolishing the lifeboat station next week when specialist contractors have removed some asbestos sheeting that was found in a ceiling void. The asbestos is contained and doesn't pose a threat but it will need to be removed correctly.