Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Construction of our new lifeboat has started

A few weeks ago some of our crew were in Lymington to take a lifeboat back to RNLI HQ in Poole after some repairs. The repairs were being done at Berthon Boat Company which just happens to be where our new boat is being built. The temptation was too great so they popped in to have a look at how things are progressing.

The wheelhouse and the hull are fitted out separately before they are joined together towards the end of the build. This allows the workforce easy access to all the spaces and means that more people can work on the boat at once.

 This is the engine room
 The jet space.
 The jets are already in place in the transom.
 Under these covers are our two 650hp Scania diesel engines.
 The main wheelhouse, looking forward.
 The wheelhouse, looking aft towards the rear door.
 The upper steering position.
The boat is in the first stage of construction but it was great to see how she's coming on. We'll have an official look round in a few months time when she's been painted. This is the last Shannon that the RNLI are having built by Berthon Boat Co. before construction is moved to the All Weather Lifeboat Centre at RNLI HQ.