Friday, 4 September 2015

Boathouse build progress update

Its been some time since we last posted some photos. A lot has been going on at the site but most of it has been under the ground and virtually impossible to photograph. The building is now starting to take shape and is emerging from the ground.
Stone reclaimed from the old boathouse being laid for the lower part of the Angling Club external wall.
The reinforcing mesh ready in place for the floor of the ILB boat hall to be poured next week.
The view across the ILB boat hall towards the changing room.
This area will become a shower & 2 toilets in time.
This is the hallway leading from the changing room to the ALB boat hall.
This is the front entrance. The wooden area will be the bottom of the stairs, the square concrete area is the lift shaft.
 Looking back across the changing room towards the ILB boat hall.
 The concrete pad for the ALB winch and the new steps to the top road behind.
 Looking down the ALB boat hall over the winch base.
Looking down over the site. The hole by the yellow digger is for the pumps for the wash down water. The water tanks will be between there and the winch base in a separate pit.