Friday, 30 October 2015

Boathouse update - More slipway work done with the spring tides

BAM Nuttall have been taking advantage of the spring tides this week and getting on with more of the ALB slipway. There are now 3 piers in place and hopefully they'll have the base of the 4th positioned by the end of today.
 The bottom segment is very carefully positioned to be level and at the right height.
 Once in place the base is filled with concrete. The other units are then stacked on top.
The whole thing will be filled with concrete eventually but there's steelwork to support the slipway to be added first.
This is the hole for the 4th pier which hopefully will be in position by the end of today.
 The brick layers have been busy building up the outer skin on the Angling Club.
 The steel for the Angling Club roof is in place
The joists above the ILB boathall have been fitted, hopefully next week the ones above the changing room will go in too.
 The rear steps are just about finished but there's still the Eastern wall to rebuild.
The inside of the ALB boathall is coming on too, hopefully the floor slab will be cast in a few weeks.