Friday, 6 November 2015

Boathouse update - A wet week but still good progress

The weather hasn't helped the builders this week. They were hoping to pour some concrete on Friday morning but that hasn't been possible. Despite the rain they have been busy though.
The roof of the Angling Club is starting to take shape.
The ILB boathall has its ceiling joists and the steel beam to lift the boat to drain any water out of it.
This is the doorway from the ILB shed to the changing room with the ALB boathall beyond that.
This is the changing room which now has ceiling joists and steel beams to take the weight of the wall above. The floor isn't finished yet there's still the insulation and the underfloor heating to go in.
This is the view from part way up the stairs looking towards the Angling Club. There's still another storey to go on here.
The stairs to the first floor are now in place
and the steps at the rear of the boathouse are structurally finished.

Hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder next week so they can start on the ALB boathall floor.