Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Landmark occasion as future Swanage Lifeboat goes afloat for the first time

The future Shannon class Swanage Lifeboat has just completed its structural build at Berthon in Lymington and has undergone its first basic commissioning trials.
Station Mechanic, Dave Turnbull, went to see the boat on the momentous day that the George Thomas Lacy entered the water for the first time. Dave said “It was amazing to be one of the first people aboard our future lifeboat, she looks fantastic and we cannot wait for her to arrive on station”.
The future Swanage Lifeboat was carefully weighed before being lowered in to the water for the first time. She then underwent some commissioning trials including stability checks and starting the engines for the first time.
Over the coming weeks a series of further commissioning trials will be completed before the future Swanage lifeboat is ready to be handed over to enter the RNLI fleet, around the end of 2015.
Once accepted by the RNLI the 'George Thomas Lacy' will commence a succession of sea trials to test every aspect of the boats capability. The Swanage crew will be undergoing training on the new lifeboat early next year, ready for the lifeboat coming on service in the Spring of 2016.