Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A fond farewell as Deputy 2nd Coxn John Gilmour leaves for pastures new.

Yesterday was John Gilmour's last day as a volunteer at Swanage Lifeboat Station. In a few days time he and his family will be moving to Scotland to start a new chapter in their lives. John is a teacher and has got himself a headship at Craigclowan Prepatory School.

John joined us in January 2001 not long after moving to Swanage after getting a teaching job at The Old Malthouse School.
His experience in The Royal Naval soon became apparent and in early 2003 he was made an ILB Helmsman and a Navigator on the ALB.
John is a keen sailor and he was often called upon to assist on board stricken yachts.
In the summer of 2004 John was appointed as Deputy 2nd Coxswain for the station's all weather lifeboat. This would allow him to take command of the lifeboat in the Coxswain's absence.
In his time at Swanage John has been on 50 services on the ILB and 150 on the ALB. This amounts to over 320 hours at sea.

There are countless people who have benefited from John's selfless commitment to the RNLI and Swanage Lifeboat Station. We wish him and his family all the very best for the future and look forward to seeing them from time to time when they venture back down South.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Boathouse update - floor slab nearly finished, more walls going up.

Good progress again this week. The back wall of the ALB boathall is coming on nicely.
The main floor slab in the ALB boathall is pretty much done and provides a good flat area to store more of the precast slipway piers.
The first four slipway piers are now in place, they will be filled with concrete once the metalwork to support the slipway arrives.
The green object beyond the fourth pier is a trench box and this is where pier five will be going. The other precast piers are just there for storage at the moment.