Saturday, 16 January 2016

Boathouse update - The view from the air

Work has been progressing well after the Christmas break. This Friday's tour of the site had a bit of a twist though, a look from above in the man riding cage winched up by the site crane.
The lifeboat looks very small on its mooring. You can just make out the shadow of the crane jib and the cage below.
Its hard to work out which of the slipway piers are in the right place and which are just being stored. There are currently 4 piers in the right place.
The tiles are starting to go on the roof of the Angling club.
The excavator has been working with the divers this week preparing pier 5 of the ALB slipway.
The frames and covers are being installed to cover the pits for the fresh water tanks and pumps.
The stone layers have also been starting to cover up the sheet piling at the rear of the boathouse with some stone reclaimed from the old boathouse.