Thursday, 7 April 2016

PCT day 4 = done. Alongside in Weymouth ready to head to Swanage tomorrow

Day 4 started with a few 'problems' with the boat that had been set up by Martin our instructor. With all the problems solved we headed out in to the Solent to do some more drills.
The first drill was a simulated fire onboard that was soon dealt with. Unfortunately the 'fire' caused some problems with the electronic steering and throttle system. This meant another drill for the mechanic to connect the emergency throttle and use the emergency water jet control system.
With that complete a short hop to Cowes for some more boat handling practice and lunch.

After lunch a route was plotted to Weymouth to refuel, wash the boat down and clean her up ready for the trip home to Swanage tomorrow.
She looks small moored up next to Weymouth's Severn class. After a good clean up and 1100 litres of fuel we moved over to our berth for the night and shut the boat down.
We're really looking forward to bringing 'George Thomas Lacy' to Swanage, see you tomorrow at midday!