Thursday, 14 April 2016

Shannon training - 4 days afloat training done, 4 days consolidation next

Our Shannon training continues at a pace with our volunteers taking time off work to do a full day of training at sea. Each crew member will have to do a minimum of 2 days afloat, 1 day training and 1 day consolidation.
The crew would set off from Swanage at 9am, head up towards The Solent carrying out various drills on the way. The crew will swap roles giving them experience on the helm, the radar and the electronic navigation system.
A brief stop for lunch, such as the top picture in Yarmouth or here in Cowes and its time for more drills and a passage back to Swanage.

Next we have 4 days consolidation with one of the RNLI's staff Coxswains. These days will be more about the crew just doing drills rather than being trained in them. This is the final push to ensure that the crew are ready for an operational passout with our Divisional Operations Manager and our Divisional Technical Manager next week.