Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Boathouse update - Slipway construction starts Monday

The scene at Peveril Point is going to change somewhat on Monday when the large jack up barge arrives to start the installation of our slipway.

The first job is to install the piles that will support the main body of the slipway. Once that is done the precast concrete cross beams will be installed. After that the steel slipway is lowered in to place and secured.

Here's a note from our builders:

The installation of the piles is unfortunately a noisy activity as it involves driving the tubes into the ground with a large hammer. As such, this activity will be limited to 5:00pm during the week, 1:00pm on Saturday and no pile driving on Sunday.

We hope to install two piles per day, so all being well, the piling works will be completed within the first two weeks of the marine activities. We estimate that it will take around an hour and a half to drive each pile and will be trying to keep these works to the middle of the day.

The jack up barge will be used for all the slipway works so will be on site until around mid-August.

We’ll keep you posted on how its going.